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Independence Day

Independence day is the special day for the Myanmar citizen because funfairs are held all around the country. As a public holiday, you can have the opportunity to spend your time with your friends and families. Every 4th in January, Independence day is celebrated. Let us share about the commencement of Myanmar’s Independence day. Myanmar was a country which was overwhelmed by the colonization endeavor from the Great Britain and Japan. During the 19th century, the Great Britain reinforced their

Kengtung, Eastern Shan State

Kengtung, the preceding capital of the Golden Triangle, was British governmental post. The major attraction of Kengtung is the trekking to villages and examining the tribes. Moreover, if there are some border crossing trips which wants to enter Thailand through Tachileik border, we have to overnight in this city. Kengtung is the town of the Shan Plateau. Once it became the capital of this state and was home for Shan Saopha (Sawbwa), the king of the Shan State. Being the kingdom of Shan Stae, it

Festival of Kachin State (Kachin Manaw Festival)

Kachin State, this place is well-known among Myanmar people because of the highest mountain in Myanmar, Hkakabo Razi and a huge inland lake, Indawgyi Lake. Everyone want to go there because this state is full of beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges and flower fields. Moreover, Kachin Manaw Festival or Manau Pwe is one of the most famous displays of ethnic culture. Nowadays Kachin Manaw Festival is somewhat popular not only for the locals but also for the foreigners day by day. Let us share deta

Tachileik, Shan State Myanmar

Tachileik, a lovely small town is served as a border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar. Thai baht is widely used in this town and mostly everybody can speak Thai language. Thai telephone services work very well within this area and the facts all of the above make this town quite different from other towns in Myanmar. Let us share more detail information about Tachileik. Why this border is congested and hectic? The answer is because heaps of tourists from Thailand come here and purchase some

Myeik, Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago is in the southernmost part of Myanmar with over 800 stunning islands. Due to the neglect of government and located in isolation, these islands remain untouched. Moreover, the surrounding seas are lively with the various diversity of flora and fauna and staggering underwater sites and marine life. The UNESCO considers that Mergui Archipelago as a prospective World Heritage Site for the biodiversity. The sea gypsies which name Salon tribe is the only human inhabitants in Mergu

Taungyi, Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot air balloon festival otherwise Tazaungdaing lights festival yearly holds in the capital of Southern Shan State, Taungyi. It usually celebrates in November, the month of Tazaungmon in Myanmar calendar. Furthermore, this moment is the end of the rainy season as well as the transition to the winter. The hot air balloon festival (fire balloon festival) which performs at night is not only celebration but also mainly focus on competition. In the daytime, there will be the weaving competition and l

Naga Festival

Myanmar is famous as not only golden land but also festival land as there are the countless festivals which hold year round. Most of the festivals are closely related with Buddha and focus on gratefulness. Every January, the Naga festival celebrates in the northern region of Myanmar. The entire Naga tribes from all around Myanmar come to this Naga festival in order to participate this harvest festival and make wishes for new year. Moreover, you can stay in traditional tent and enjoy some local f

Thadingyut Festival - The Second most Famous Festival of Lights in Myanmar

The Thadingyut festival, the festival of lights is the second most famous festival in Myanmar. It is usually held on the full moon day of the Myanmar lunar month of the Thadingyut. This festival is the commemoration to welcome the Buddha’s descent from the heaven after preaching about the Abhidhamma to his mother. Thadingyut festival is the seventh month in the Myanmar calendar. It is usually held for three days such as the day before the full moon day, the full moon day and the day after the f

Phowintaung Buddha Statue Cave Temple

Phowintaung is a compound of Buddhist caves which inscribe the Buddha images and depictions. It is 25 kilometers far from the west of Monywa city and also located in Sagaing region. Phowintaung cave is the Buddha compound cave and lies 25 kilometers west of Monywa. It is also on the west bank of the Chindwin River which pass through the Monywa city of Sagaing Region. According to Myanmar terminology, the definition of Hpo Win Daung is the mountain which is unique for meditation. According to t

The Second Tallest Buddha Statue in the World (Laykyun Setkyar)

Laykyun Setkyar Buddha Statue (Bodhi Ta Htaung), the second tallest Buddha statue in the world, located in Sagaing Region. If you are in Monywa, you have to take around 40 minutes to reach there. Before 2017, Laykyun Sekkya Myanmar was the biggest and tallest statue in the world. Moreover, you can appreciate one of the largest Reclining Buddha image in Myanmar. On the other hand, you can enjoy thousands of sitting Buddha images which are beneath the thousands of bodhi trees. You can enjoy many o


Pyay, where the area is on the list of UNESCO Heritage, Sri Kestra is located in this town. Pyay township is in the area of Bago region. You can observe over a thousand year old monastery and pagodas. Furthermore, it is famous for the rice salad. If you come and visit Pyay, this meal will be a must. For local people, when someone talk about about Pyay, everyone see rice salad in their eyes. Moreover Taungoo is Now let us share some landmarks, their locations on map and zone fees in Pyay. An anc

U Bein Bridge, the longest teak wood bridge in the world in Amarapura

The longest teak bridge in the world which passes over the Taungthaman lake, one of the most visiting sites for tourists. It is also in the city of Amarapura, which became ancient capital of Myanmar Kingdom. By visiting this place, you can enjoy the ruins of the palace from the bygone Myanmar kingdom as well as the other historic buildings such as pagodas and monasteries. U Bein bridge is the longest and most mature teak bridge in the world. The length of 1.2 kilometers make it the pretty impre


Taungoo is a city between Yangon and Naypyitaw. This town is famous because of the palm tree and also well-known among the betel lovers. You can easily access there from Yangon by bus and it may take around 4 hours. Furthermore, this city serves as a stopover during the border crossing tours before continue to Bagan. 200 years ago between the 16th and 18th centuries, this city was well-known in Myanmar according to the history. Moreover, it served as the capital of Myanmar during 1500s. For now

Yangon Bus Service

Yangon Bus Service is a transportation network system in Yangon. It commenced in January 2017 and organized by the Yangon Region Transport Authority. Now, you don’t need to pay 3000 kyats or 4000 kyats to the taxi. You will cost from 100 kyats to 500 kyats to take this service. In retrospect, there were bus conductors for every buses. So you could ask them about the bus stops wherever you wanted to go. Nowadays, there are not any bus conductors and also change the bus routes. So the problem is t

Nay Pyi Taw

Nay Pyi Taw is the current capital city of Myanmar and established on a greenfield site beyond Pyinmana. It is an unusual city among the cities in Myanmar. Even though it is a capital city, it is outside of any state or region and quite similar with Canberra in Australia. It is about 320 kilometers far from the north of the former capital, Yangon. Moreover it is more central than Yangon and also adjoining with Shan, Kayah and Kayin States. In 2005, the military government silently advanced the c

Inwa (Innwa) or Ava

Inwa (Ava), the collection of the buildings with gigantic Myanmar teak as well as the assembly of the finest examples of ancient Myanmar monastery with precious Myanmar structure, located just 20 km from Mandalay. If you are in Mandalay, you can enjoy a day trip to Inwa (Ava). From 14th to 19th centuries, Inwa (Ava) became the majestic capital of ancient Myanmar kingdoms. Throughout these centuries, people rebuilt it for several times. Finally it suffered from abandonment after destroying by su


Tamu is the international border crossing for India and Myanmar. This can assume as one of the easiest and usual borders for visitors to enter/exit into/from Myanmar and India. Tamu, the border crossing town between India and Myanmar, located along the Indo-Myanmar border, neighboring with Manipur in North India. This town is just 5 kilometers far from Moreh. Furthermore, this area was where the serious battles happened between the British and Japanese during the second world war. After that th


Bago, once famous as the Hanthawaddy and capital of Myanmar, has the most elevated temple of Myanmar, Shwemawdaw. Moreover, you can see one of the giant reclining Buddha images, Shwethalyaung. Bago is about 90 kilometers far from the northeast of Yangon. Many consider that Mon people discovered it in the 6th century and known as Pegu. In retrospect, it was the capital city of Mon Kingdom which named Hanthawaddy. After that it became the capital city of Taungoo Kingdom. When the Mon rebelled aga

Mount Popa

Mount Popa volcano, well known as pilgrimage mountain for Myanmar, with numerous spirit homes at the summit, one of the famous extinct volcanoes, also popular for the Taungpyone festival which held every August, situated in Mandalay region and southeast of Bagan. Mount Popa volcano is located and Mandalay region, southeast of Bagan. The peak of the Mount Popa volcano is brimful of the golden stupas. Firstly, there are many Myanmar folk tales about this mount. This mountain appeared because of t


Mingun, famous for its unfinished pagoda, Mingun Pahtodawgyi. Furthermore, the vast bell in this region frequently recorded as the largest bell in the world. The next important one is Hsinbyume Pagoda, the architectural characteristics of which are unusual with other pagodas in Myanmar. It is an imperfect monument stupa in Mingun, the northwest of Mandalay. It is also famous for its volume and incompleted condition. Furthermore, in 1838, the earthquake seriously destroyed this pagoda but it is
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